Why use what the Pro's use?

You're probably not new to makeup, right?

There is an abundance of choices on the market, of which many are fine and of course many seem to simply disappear off your face before you even walk out of the bathroom. Most of us who experiment with several beauty brands + have a wide range of "pro's and con's", am I wrong? How do we get to know it unless we try it?

We'll this is where you're going to get to know what I use plus what the vast majority of professional makeup artists use on celebrities and those in the performing arts. #usewhattheprosuse

Now, since you are a savvy shopper and like to educate yourself (as I do). Here is your next thing to do... watch some of the short videos about the ingredients, once you're ready to dive deeper click on the "Browse & Shop" button. Have fun investigating and seeing how the company gives to women around the world with the "Brighter Together Foundation". 

If you have questions and need to be color matched then please contact me directly.

In order to assist you promptly, please list any specifics you would like answers to. 

Read more about the Brighter Together Foundation.

FYI: You may see the companies name a little different on labeling, it's due to the fact it had to alter its name just a tad because it went Global in 2018. The products are the same, only some of the names have altered due to Trademark legalities. 

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