Essential Oils...

What is the big deal about essential oils?

Are all organic therapeutic grade essential oils safe?

How do I decide what oils to use and how do I use them?

How do I earn rewards and free essential oils? 

Have you been like me and think you are buying a safe oil? 

We purchased it at a health food store, it says organic and therapeutic grade so it's automatically safe, right?

Um, maybe not! After our personal negative experience with essential oils it led me to researching deeply about them. 

I won't write the entire journey on this site, I'll save it for my future blog; so let's get to the point.

#1 FDA does not regulate or test oils that are on the market. 
#2 Sellers on third party sites like Amazon/Ebay/etc, may not have the real deal in those bottles.

Are you semi freaked out now? If not, you should be and this is why...

You may come across people claiming "XYZ oil made me sick when I ingested it!"

Well yes, it will make you sick if it's not regulated because there could possibly be some funky additive! HELLO, it's wake-up time love!

This is the part of my story where our world changed all because of a dear friend who seriously went out of her way to help us. She was teaching a class and I knew I wanted to be apart of it. Because of my research, I know she is like myself with integrity in finding truth with logic and reason in everything.

So back to our story, my hubby and I were scanned to find what oils were "top priority". The list came in and we couldn't afford all of them at once (it was about $800). So being the skeptic that I am plus question everything in life, I just started with about $200 worth of oils that were on the list (50% to my hubby & 50% to me). The difference is some of these oils I get to ingest (we've never ingested oils before). Yes I was a little nervous, but totally trusted the source because of the testing performed. This company won't allow substandard ingredients period

During this time of my life, I had surgery on my foot. This led to a really bad outcome from drugs prescribed such as waking up every 2 hours (when I'm supposed to be sleeping) and having hot flashes that would soak through all of my clothes, yes... it was wardrobe changes every 3 hours or less (it was a horrific experience I NEVER want to repeat). Sleep deprived, miserable, barely able to function, and then I had a death in my family. I was ingesting, applying these oils to certain body zones, and diffusing them every day 'religiously'. 

Our results were so superb, even my hubby became a believer. I completely altered my business direction because of it, my only regret is not discovering this before I paid for my Micro-blading training course! Oh well, live and learn right?   

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Essential Oils

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