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You don't have to be a makeup artist, only someone who wants to help people look better.

If you are a MUA or Salon Owner then we need to talk, because you're missing out on an opportunity to make commissions without having to carry retail stock; which can be a hefty financial investment.

I know first hand having owned a salon & wishing for this setup instead.

Let's talk shop about what's in it for you!

Contact me and let me know if you're a beauty enthusiast, MUA, or Salon Owner.

Zero 'sales' pressure. Zero spamming.

Top 10 Reasons to Join

How much money can I make with

LimeLife by Alcone? 

Watch and listen to our very own fabulous teammate Lindsay Colombe as she breaks it down. You will love being apart of our tribe being under the 'Dream Team'.  - xo

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