About Jenna...

Sorry in advance, the correct intro video was deleted and this one is a bit slow/long winded. In the meantime it's holding its place until a re-shoot. C'est la vie!

Are you trying to reduce your chemical environment?

Do you want to know about professional makeup, natural skincare plus... how to use essential oils for wellness?

If this is you, then welcome home! :)


Being in the beauty industry for now over 25+ years (oh how time quickly escapes!) I have bought/sold/started-up and flipped more than a few businesses during this time. My current project is my personal pride and joy, a DREAM to be exact.

What is it, you ask?

Since I'm a bit of a cosmetic junkie, a definite health and wellness nut at heart, my search and demand for high performance makeup and skincare has led me to some wonderful product lines over the years. However, working with a company that will meet my all the needs I want to bring to our clients was a continual challenge in regards to consistency. In 2006 while I was training in Hollywood for motion picture makeup, I came into contact with a company based out of New York that sold to professional makeup artists and celebrities. I flipped out over these products, but there was one huge negative (I could not retail them to my clients).


Now fast-forward to 2016, while continuing my research for more makeup and skincare lines to bring into my studio; I stumbled upon a familiar name. At this point, time came to a screeching halt as I read about how my favorite foundation is made for the general public = we can now sell them to our clients! I screamed in total excitement and nearly gave my husband a heart-attack in the process. What can I say, I have literally been wanting this for a decade and now you get to be a part of our 'pro makeup' secret and use some of the best cosmetics on the market.

Then to make it even better, I get to merge my total obsession with essential oils by bringing them to you personally. This honestly came about by accident, I never imagined wanting to take the time to share in detail what oils from trees, flowers, mint, citrus, spices, herbs and grasses can actually do to your wellness of your mind and body. Our families personal experience was so dramatic with results; it's what spurred the fire of desire to HELP YOU find support. Yes, I quit micro-blade training and altered my business plan because it's more rewarding to aid people in supporting their immune system. 

I have merged my "dream products" and can now work from anywhere + own a private studio that is by appointment only. After having a salon with employees, I really wanted a different direction since I love traveling so much and frankly done with being exposed to so many toxic chemicals from specializing in hair color correction for years. It made me quite sick after years of exposure; I too have had an enormous health scare. As a result of doing intense detox/chelation/lifestyle change it saved my life. This is where the 'wellness nut' comes in and may it help direct you to taking charge of your health.

Tell me what you need help with skin issues, hair questions, emotions getting the best of you?

I LOVE problem solving! Oh, and one more thing... I'm quite discreet.

Look forward to you being a part of my tribe!

~ Jenna

My Philosophy...


  • Never pushy.

  • Be true to oneself and you.

  • Welcoming genuine people who want to be a part of my tribe who include cosmetic enthusiasts + wellness advocates having a mind for a healthy lifestyle and a drive to attain dreams.

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